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Perry, Co-Founder Teluu
Truro, UK

"My company develops the pjsip SIP library, and as a distributed company we need to pay employees in Indonesia.

betterFX not only helped me get a better FX deal than I could find anywhere on my monthly GBP to IDR FX trades, but also cut my bank transfer fees by 30%. And the best bit was it cost me nothing at all Anyone doing FX or international payments should talk to betterFX a.s.a.p !"

London, UK​

"A friend told me about betterFX, a business that hunts down the best FX deals on the market. I thought I was getting a reasonable deal, but betterFX found me another provider that cut the cost for me by almost 40% ​

I only needed to switch NZ$ 18,000 into GBP but they still saved me a substantial amount."

Adam S
Perth, Australia

“betterFX are the best! They were a great help when I needed to move almost £30,000 from the UK into Aussie dollars back to Australia. They negotiated me an exchange rate I could never have got from my bank, and then followed the transaction from start to finish to make sure everything went through smoothly. I can't recommend them highly enough, they delivered a level of service that far exceeded my expectations."