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Service benchmarking

Want to know how your organisation compares to others in the market? If you provide FX services to any sector, understanding your relative competitive position is a vital step to deciding on your future plans and priorities.

If you are a buyer of FX services, are you getting the appropriate level of service and pricing for the flows you give to your provider(s)?

Let us help you find the answers to the above questions.

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Price optimisation

Getting a fair price for your FX flows is not as straightforward as you think. Many factors influence an FX provider's approach to pricing, and there are various components to the overall price you receive. This can make it very hard to know what the all in price is, let alone whether it is fair.

We work with a wide range of providers and can informally 'bid out' your flows to get you the best deal on offer combined with the services you need.

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Strategic review

Having a full strategic review of your FX business will allow you to identify the risks, weaknesses and growth opportunities that exist.

Many banks, in particular, find FX execution for payment flows painful and difficult and are unable to compete with some of the top tier providers. A full strategic review will outline the best options for your business, taking into account investment resources available.