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So what's the big deal anyway?

Companies the world over are becoming more international in their operations, with customers, staff and suppliers spread ever more widely across the globe.

This means that foreign exchange transactions are becoming an increasingly more important part of every day life for companies.

However most firms do not get the best FX rates or service available in the market. This can be for many reasons: being too busy to focus on it, not having enough knowledge of the market, not being aware of the spreads/margins that are being applied to FX transactions or not being aware of the range of solutions available.

This means that a huge number of companies are paying too much for their foreign exchange, sometimes to the tune of millions of dollars.

With the global foreign exchange market worth in excess of $5 trillion a day, there is a lot of money to be made by the key FX market providers and a lot to be saved by the companies whom these providers serve.

Since Brexit and the global pandemic the ability to import and export efficiently has never been more important that it is now. betterFX can give you free export advice (and import advice) where foreign currencies or international payments are involved, helping you avoid the many pitfalls and the hidden costs.

But what can bettterFX do about it?

There is an unspoken rule in the FX market, which is quite simply "Take whatever margin you can get away with". That means most companies who have not dedicated enough time and effort to managing their FX costs are paying more than they need to. Often much more.

It takes deep knowledge of the FX market, the key players, their price tolerance, their products and services and many other factors to be able to secure the most competitive rates available in the market.

betterFX will do that for you.

You get charged nothing at all, as betterFX gets paid a small referral fee from the FX providers it brings new customers to

This model means that betterFX is motivated to do one thing only. To save you as much as we possibly can. This is the complete opposite of what the banks and non-bank FX providers are motivated to do.
In some cases this will mean staying with your existing provider(s) or it may mean that the best option is to switch to another provider to get the best overall deal.

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